Blockchain Startups Summit : selected among the hottest European blockchain-based startups is finalist of the Blockchain Startups Summit on November 15 in Frankfurt.

Organized by EU-Startups and the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center the event will gather around 300 entrepreneurs, investors, and blockchain service providers from across Europe to discuss the present and future use of blockchain technology in the startup space and financial sector.

The event will showcase a pitch battle for a selection of the hottest European blockchain-based startups, including with a prize package. It will also count on the participation of high-profile entrepreneurs and investors among our speakers. The one-day event is a fantastic opportunity to network, and a is an ideal meeting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who want to build blockchain companies.

  • Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director of ConsenSys
  • Marjan Delatinne, Global Head of Banking at Ripple
  • Thomas Hessler, Blockchain Investor
  • Nikola Stojanov, Chief Business Development Officer of æternity
  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
  • Marc Taverner, Blockchain Global Ambassador at Bitfury
  • Sven Laepple, Founder of ASTRATUM
  • Patrick Lowry, CEO and a Managing Partner of Iconiq Holding
  • Sergio Pereira, co-founder and CTO of Tech HQ

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